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Foreign Translation Services


Japanese Translators Available


Quality translation services are provided by native Japanese for Japanese travelers and business people who come to the Greensboro area.



Our translators present Japanese visitors with translations that are clear and accurate. They

use sounds that are natural and effective. Our translators provide Japanese tourists and business visitors with information that is culturally and

contextually relevant.                                      .


Hispanic Translators Available


A member of our staff of bilingual and bicultural Hispanic interpreters will accompany our tours when needed to meet the translation needs of Spanish-speaking visitors.


Our interpreters provide quality translations and friendly service. They provide Spanish-speaking customers with clear and accurate translations, thus guaranteeing equal access to vital information about the Greensboro area.


Chinese Translators Available


Whether our visitors are from Hong Kong or the Chinese mainland, Greensboro Scenic Tours can provide a translator for you. Our translators are fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin dialects.


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