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Customized Tours 

Tour A    Relocation Tour 
                                        Major Shopping Centers                
                                        Governmental Center 
                                        Movie Theaters 
                      Tour B    College Tour 
                                        Guilford College 
                                        Greensboro College 
                                        Bennett College for Women
                                        North Carolina A & T State University 
                                        University of North Carolina at Greensboro 
                                        Elon University School of Law 

                      Tour C   Night on the Town Tour 
                                        Dinner/Play-Barn Dinner Theater 
                                        Dinner and a Play at Triad Stage 

                      Tour D   Furniture Tour 
                                         Boyles Furniture 
                                         Furniture Land South 
                                         Drexel Heritage 

Classic Tours

                      Tour #1    City Historic Tour
                                        Guilford College 
                                        Guilford Courthouse National Military Park 
                                        Irving Park 
                                        Greensboro Historical Museum 
                                        Blandwood Mansion
                                        University of North Carolina at Greensboro 

                     Tour #2 African American Tour 
                                    aka Civil Rights Heritage Tour 
                                    F. W. Woolworth’s (Site of the Sit-in Movement) 
                                    North Carolina A & T State University 
                                    Bennett College for Women 
                                    Charlotte Hawkins Brown Historic Site 

                     Tour # 3 Blandwood Mansion Tour 
                                     Home of Governor John Motley Morehead 

                     Tour #4 Museum Tour 
                                    University Galleries-NC A& T State U. 
                                    Guilford Native American Art Gallery 
                                    Weatherspoon Art Gallery-UNC-G 
                                    Green Hill Center for North Carolina Art 
                                    African American Atelier 

                     Tour #5 Mendenhall Plantation Tour
                                    Home of Quaker Richard Mendenhall 

                     Tour #6 Replacements Tour 
                                    Home of Replacements Ltd.(China, crystal etc.)

Day Trips for Active Seniors 

                                    Day Trips (45 mile radius) 

                   Trip #1    Seagrove Pottery 
                                    A visit to Seagrove, one of the finest sources 
                                    of  decorative pottery on the east coast, is like 
                                    taking a walk back in time. Seagrove is home 
                                    to over 100 potters. 

                   Trip #2    Mendenhall Plantation 
                                    A tour of this nineteenth-century Quaker 
                                    plantation in Jamestown includes an 
                                    exploration of the home and a jaunt through 
                                    the house’s many unique out buildings. 

                  Trip # 3    Childress Wineries 
                                    Take the short drive to Davidson 
                                    County to sample the savory wines 
                                    of one of the area’s finest facilities. 

                  Trip # 4    Old Salem 
Visit one of the most authentic living 
                                     history towns in the United States. 

                  Trip #5     Charlotte Hawkins Brown Historic Site 
                                    The only historic site in North Carolina 
                                    named for an African American and for a 
                                    woman, this gem is the former home of 
                                    Palmer Memorial Institute. 

                  Trip #6     Richard Petty Museum 
                                    Visit the museum that honors the seven-time 
                                    Winston-Cupper Champion Richard Petty. 
                                    Marvel at the Petty family’s lifetime 
                                    achievements in the world of racing. 

                Trip #7     The Sword of Peace Outdoor Drama 
                                  (Night Trip) 
                                  Take the short trip to Snow Camp to enjoy William 
                                  Hardy’s powerful dramatic tribute to the 
                                  peaceful Quakers of the Triad area.